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Mario joined Teresa and Fiorella in December 2012. He has always shared Teresa's passion for cooking and he is even more passionate about eating! He loves that Teresa learned her cooking skills from her mother.Through his veins also runs the love of cooking. His mother has blessed hands. Mario's best childhood memories are those of his mom cooking up a storm for family gatherings and birthday parties. Mario is a strong believer in the idea that the best ingredient for every meal is that unique combination of love, dedication and passion.

Teresa is the oldest daughter of 11 siblings. As tradition goes in Peruvian culture, being the firstborn child in her family, Teresa was introduced to the art of cooking at a young age in order to help her mom. In doing so, she too discovered her passion for Peruvian cuisine. On a professional level, after earning her nursing degree, Teresa worked in the health care service for a few years. Yet, as the years went by, she found herself more and more hopeful that she could soon professionally follow her most truthful lifelong passion – her love of cooking from the heart.

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For Rico Peru's family food means tradition, big family gatherings, celebration, joy and good memories.​ Let us share some of these feelings with you! Call us for your next fiesta!

Fiorella grew up seeing her mom Teresa fulfill her lifelong passion for cooking while having the opportunity to learn many things related to the food business. She knows that the best marketing is word of mouth which can only be achieved with happy customers willing to come back and bring their friends. Teresa passed along this selective taste for mouth-watering Peruvian food to Fiorella. This passion runs deep in the family going back four generations of women and men starting with Teresa's great grandmother whose memory is a benediction.

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Food = fiesta

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