One thing we've learned in all the years of experience is that no two guests are the same. We can customize our catering experience to meet the needs of all your guests. 

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You're the reason we put forth our best each and every day. We want to offer you a culinary experience right from the Land of the Incas and their Native Peruvian wisdom.In doing so offering Ottawa residents and tourists the opportunity to try different variations of traditional Peruvian meals made from fresh and healthy locally grown produce. Every meal is made by using traditional Peruvian methods of preparation, cooking and serving while promoting the consumption of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

Mission, Vision, Values

Their restaurant in Lima closed in order to make it possible for them to fulfill their dream of joining their daughter Fiorella in Canada so as to continue their family tradition and build something beautiful together. In 2012 after their family reunification in Canada they started sharing with Fiorella their dream of following the same path they had started in Peru. With their dream in mind, Katherin learned about the City of Ottawa’s new food truck opportunities and then went on to apply for the program in December last year. The rest is history and the present moment a gift from the past with many more blessings to come.

Our Story

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Rico Peru's story started back in Peru almost 30 years ago when Teresa and her husband Mario made the decision to open their own restaurant. Teresa and Mario ventured into opening a traditional Peruvian restaurant which operated in the City of Lima for 17 years. There, they started off by offering breakfast only, mainly fruit juice and sandwiches to the locals, and so pleased and inspired were they by the warm reception they got from their customers that after a couple of months they went on to add lunch and dinner choices to their menu as well. This led to also catering for construction workers and other businesses around their local area. Their restaurant gave them the opportunity to perfect their cooking techniques and methods of embracing the great variety of flavours which Peruvian cuisine has to offer. 

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